Winter Warriors

Winter Warriors, Fleet Feet CDA's free winter run/walk program, kicks off Tuesday, Nov. 7! Winter Warriors meet Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7:30 a.m. through Jan. 31. 

Fight winter on the run. Get out. Keep moving. Stay motivated.

Our goal is keep running and walking through the winter. Go 10 minutes or 60, walk or run, fast or slow. We all head out together and let speed and distance sorts us out. Every time you sign in you collect Winter Warrior Points, which add up to prizes we hand out along the way. Our emphasis is on keeping it fun and supportive.
There are only a few rules, including: Do the prescribed run (It's a group thing. That's why it works); headlamps or flashlights are required; and no whining about the weather (But feel free to make positive-sounding observations on atmospheric conditions like, "G*& d#!*& it's cold -- but in such a pleasant, really refreshing, arctic-chill kind of way!"

This year we are lucky to have Tyler Blackwelder, owner of Physio One Physical Therapy in Hayden, supporting our program and providing prizes and opportunities for the Winter Warriors! 

You might just learn to love working out in the winter, and you will definitely dig doing it with a bunch of like-minded hard-core crazies like the Winter Warriors.

No registration necessary. Start anytime during the program. Remember to sign in each for each workout so you get your points and can be rewarded for your Winter Warrior awesomeness with great prizes.

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